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2022-23 NY Raptors Covid Policy



We require documentation of completion of the 2 shot primary vaccination series for all players and coaches, as well as for anyone who enters the locker rooms to assist our players (usually a parent.)


We are strongly encouraging the new booster vaccine (just released in September 2022) active against both Delta and Omicron variants.


Locker Rooms & Masking Policy

Anyone who enters the Locker rooms must be masked.  Players are asked to come to practice dressed in their gear to minimize need to use the locker rooms.  Skates and helmets should be put on in the lobby.


Masks are optional on the rink and elsewhere in the WSA.


Illness or Exposure

Please do not come to practice if you have a cold, fever, or viral or flu type illness.  We ask that you do a Covid home screening test at the onset of any symptoms and repeat the test every 2 days until symptoms have resolved.


If you have had a strong exposure to Covid in the past 5 days, please test yourself the morning of practice or a game. Do not attend if you test positive.

If you test positive for COVID at any time during the hockey season please notify Anita Inz and Mike Safran right away via their emails. 

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