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Raptors Core Values

We believe…


1. Hockey can enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families.


2. Having fun is not an option…it’s a requirement.


3. Hockey serves to bring together people of all walks of life in unimaginable ways.


4. People across a wide variety of ages, skill levels, and degrees of disability can share the same ice surface in both training and competition.


5. In fostering a safe and inviting practice and game environment.


6. Those we face in competition are the same ones who help us succeed there.


7. Off-sides and icing are great hockey concepts…just not for us.


8. The scoreboard is a device best used to keep game time.


9. All pre-game speeches should include one or more references to Sportsmanship.


10. Goals are awesome and assists are even more awesome.


11. Coaching is about adaptation, innovation, and above all, influencing behavior in a positive way.


12. Our junior coaches help remind us of the importance of volunteering time to help those who need it the most, while forming new friends in the process.

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