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Make a Donation

Thank you for your interest in donating to The New York Raptors Special Hockey Team.


We are a 501C3, Not-for-Profit, organization that utilizes 100% of donations for their intended purpose.  Your generous donation will help fund ice time, uniforms, equipment, tournament entrance fees and team celebrations.

The easiest way is to donate is via Zelle to NYRaptors


Alternatively, checks can be made payable to The New York Raptors and sent to c/o:

      Mr. Mike Safrin

      274 Old Route 209

      Hurley, NY 12443


Also, requests for further information, tax ID number or receipts can be made to Team President, Anita Inz.

Again, on behalf of all of the New York Raptors players we thank you for your support.

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